Monday, October 15, 2007

Act Now - Email

Many people over at the P.I.'s Soundoff discussion board have asked what they can do to help. Union leaders from both SITRACIMA and SITRACHOI have asked for our help in pressuring the brands to send their own representatives to Guatemala:

"Please send an email to Lauren Cooke (, LCI Customer Relations (, Daryl Brown (, Frank Kelly (, Roberta Karp (, Holly Thomas (, Fernando Pinsiri (, Betsy Thompson (, and Julie Lorigan ( asking them what they are going to do in response to this letter requesting their presence during negotiations. Factory management from Choishin has shown no interest in negotiating with our unions, complying with any past agreements they have signed, or responding to the FLA's independent investigation and the Coverco report. This makes the brands' presence here even more crucial.

Thank you for your support—your involvement is very important to us.


The letter referred to can be found here.


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Fausto Vargas said...

are you guys still working on this project


The workers at the Guatemalan factory CimaTextiles formed a union in 2001. They won a collective bargaining agreement in 2003, and since then have struggled to protect their gains. The corporation which owns the factory, Choi & Shin Co., Inc., consistently tries to break the union's back, and has since its inception. etc. etc. Here is the union's wiki. Here are the pictures from the protest. Here is the urgent action.

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