Monday, August 27, 2007

Act Now - Phone Calls

We need to continue to call the brands! The following is an updated version of names, phone numbers, and talking points.


Action is needed now to tell the U.S. brands Liz Claiborne, Talbots, and Macy's/Charter Club that these violations of workers' fundamental human and labor rights must stop.

Talbots: Betsy Thompson, (781) 741-4066,

Liz Claiborne: Daryl Brown, VP of Human Rights Compliance (201) 295-7895

Macy's: Holly Thomas, PR Director, (646) 429-5250,

Demand that the U.S. brands use their influence to:

1. Uphold the Cimatextiles factory's agreement with the union to reopen the factory on September 1st, and to rehire union workers immediately.

2. Ensure that the Choi Shin factory is reopened and union workers are rehired immediately.

3. Send high-level representatives to Guatemala to directly monitor the situation and meet with the unions.

4. Guarantee that any fired workers are paid their severance and back wages in the full and correct amount.

5. Continue monitoring Cimatextiles and Choi Shin factory's management to ensure that no more Guatemalan labor and human rights laws are violated.

Thank you for your solidarity

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The workers at the Guatemalan factory CimaTextiles formed a union in 2001. They won a collective bargaining agreement in 2003, and since then have struggled to protect their gains. The corporation which owns the factory, Choi & Shin Co., Inc., consistently tries to break the union's back, and has since its inception. etc. etc. Here is the union's wiki. Here are the pictures from the protest. Here is the urgent action.

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