Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Pictures

Here are some pictures, taken by Kiri, of the protest.

Rod rallies the students before the mock trial.

Marching to Talbots for the mock trial.

Marching to Macy's for the sleep-in and the outside protest.

Rod being pulled up by Macy's security guards.

Back to Westlake Park.


We rallied for a few minutes and after receiving text messages from the detained students, decided to return to Macy's until our compaƱer@s Rod and April, and our legal observer Larry Hildes, were released.

Aimee stayed on the megaphone, with support from members of UW SLAP, SU, UWGP, and Amnesty Intnernational, to keep the pressure on Macy's to release our compaƱer@s.

They were eventually released.

After the protest, the group retired and held a small cook out and garage sale, and, raised $400. We will send the money directly to the union to support the women as they face uncertain challenges in the wake of a deal rife with uncertainty and distrust. We will continue fundraising this coming weekend.

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